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Online Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction: Advanced Methods I

Primary Course Instructors: Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA; Michael J Hochrein, Special Agent FBI, Ret.; Luis Cabo, M.S.; Diana Messer, Ph.D.; and Tony Hallett

This continuing education course is intended to provide participants with a more extensive examination of the processes and protocols required for outdoor crime scene recovery and reconstruction, previously introduced in Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction: Introduction and Overview.

After a refresher on the basic principles applied for surface scatters and buried body features, you will be presented with informative video training vignettes demonstrating how to recover these scenes through the use of a mock surface scatter and a mock burial. Our team will show you exactly how to carry out methods described in protocol videos e.g., tying a slipknot, creating a baseline, trowelling and we hope this practical demonstration will help reinforce the theoretical protocols outlined in our video lectures. Lastly, you will be provided with case studies to highlight and illustrate the capabilities of outdoor crime scene reconstruction. We’ve also included a bonus module on two subjects – forensic entomology and the use of drones in forensic investigations.

This course will be presented by Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat, Michael Hochrein and Luis Cabo, with the assistance of Tony Hallett (Unmanned Response), Dr. Diana Messer (Western Carolina University), Rhian Dunn (Course Coordinator, HD Forensics) and Kelly Galvin (Media Editor, HD Forensics).


You will be able to proceed at your own pace through the lecture series which will be available through the Teachable online platform. In order to obtain continuing education credit, HD Forensics is utilizing software provided by Teachable to monitor the percentage of video viewed. Participants must view 90% of a module video in order to progress on with the course. If you are interested in receiving CE credit through another organization, please let us know and we will look into it further.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to or Live online Q&A sessions will be held once a month for more in-depth conversations.

Upon finishing Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction: Advanced Methods Pt I, we suggest continuing on with Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction: Advanced Methods Pt II!

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*Approved for 8 hours of PA Coroners Continuing Education Credit*

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