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Luis Cabo-Perez, M.S.
Laboratory Director
 Director, Graduate Student Research
Department of Applied Forensic Sciences
Mercyhurst University

Luis Cabo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with a specialization in Zoology, from the University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). He also earned his Master’s degree in Biology, in addition to receiving his National Pedagogy and Teaching Certificate, from the University of Oviedo. 


His position as a researcher in both the Biology and Geology departments of The University of Oviedo provided Cabo with a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the fields of biology, paleoanthropology, archaeology and geology. He has participated in over two dozen archaeological and paleontological field and laboratory projects.


Cabo began his career at Mercyhurst participating in the Summer Forensic Anthropology Short Courses. Since joining the Mercyhurst staff in 2003, Cabo, the Director of the Forensic and Bioarchaeology Laboratory, has assisted in the recovery and analysis of more than 200 forensic cases. He currently also serves as the primary graduate student research advisor.

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