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Forensic Odontology: Dental Aging

Primary Course Instructors: Joe Adserias-Garriga, DDS, Ph.D., D-ABFO; and Sakher J. AlQahtani, BDS, MClinDent, Ph.D.

Age estimation has significant impact in clinical, archaeological, humanitarian and, of course, forensic contexts. In the forensic sphere, age estimation is one of the most informative data from the biological profile and, in conjunction with sex, ancestry, stature and antemortem trauma, it may lead to a positive identification.


The biological age can be estimated through different approaches such as anthropological, odontological, histological, and molecular. Due to its significance in the forensic context, age estimation is a hot topic in anthropology and odontology research. Forensic professionals dealing with age estimation cases must be aware of the techniques and methodologies available in order to select those ones that will apply to each case in particular.


Throughout this course the participants will understand the basic concepts of human age estimation, will understand the methods available for dental age estimation in fetal, children and adult individuals, and will be able apply them in casework.


This course is geared towards odontologists, anthropologists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals, as well as forensic pathologists, archaeologists, medicolegal death investigators, and other forensic professionals.

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*Approved for 4 hours of PA Continuing Education Credit*

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