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Forensic Analysis of the Human Dentition

Primary Course Instructors: Joe Adserias-Garriga, DDS, Ph.D., D-ABFO; Sakher J. AlQahtani, BDS, MClinDent, Ph.D.; Ray Miller, M.D.; and Mary A. Cimrmancic, DDS
This course consists in theoretical and hands-on sessions on different topics on dental analysis from a forensic perspective.

Dental analysis and its interpretation play a key role in the process of forensic identification. Dental methods are highly reliable to estimate the age of the individual, especially in cases of sub-adults. The scientific advances and the improved imaging technologies have made able the development of a number of age estimation methods for sub-adult and adults individuals. Since teeth are one of the most preserved skeletal material in fire exposure, they are extremely valuable for identification purposes. Nevertheless, the changes in teeth and surrounding skeletal structures by the fire should be understood for a proper interpretation.

The didactic portion of the course will cover dental anatomy and physiology, dental age estimation in sub-adult and adult individuals, the process of dental identification, the use of dental identification softwares, the role of the odontologists in a mass disaster scenario, dental and maxillofacial trauma and the analysis of burnt remains.

All theoretical sessions will be followed by a hands-on session utilizing skeletal remains to implement the laboratory methods to apply on each topic.

Course Location: Erie, PA


Course Participants: Geared towards odontologists, anthropologists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals, as well as forensic pathologists, medicolegal death investigators, and other forensic professionals.

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2021 Dates TBA


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