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As the current pandemic has led many schools and courses to avoid in-person gatherings in favor of online instruction, HD Forensics is doing everything it can to adapt to the situation in a safe and appropriate manner. While many states are facing different stay-at-home regulations, we are making every effort to stay on top of proper guidelines and procedures. We are hopeful that we will still be able to offer the majority of our courses, but aim to make a concrete determination at the end of April when many stay-at-home guidelines will have lifted and more light is shed on our current situation. Please continue to check our website for status updates and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

This upcoming year HD Forensics will offer a series of short courses focused on topics of particular interest to coroners, law enforcement personnel, and university students, including: 1) a Core Principles and Practices in Forensic Anthropology course that will guide participants through all aspects of casework, from lab analyses to outdoor crime scene recoveries; 2) a basic Human Osteology course for assessing the forensic significance of human and animal bones; and 3) Outdoor Scene Recovery courses detailing the methods, techniques (and experiences) needed for the documentation, recovery and interpretation of a variety of forensic scenes, from surface-scatters, to buried body features, fatal fire scenes, and even mass disaster scenes. Click "Go" to explore our 2020 courses! 

 Upcoming 2020 Courses

  • Basic Forensic Surveying and Total Station Operations 

  • Core Principles and Practices 

  • Basics of Human Osteology 

  • Forensic Analysis of Human Dentition

  • Forensic Archaeology and Outdoor Scene Recovery

  • Fatal Fire and Mass Disaster Reconstruction 

  • Basics of Indoor Processing 




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HD Forensics offers a wide range of services related to both crime scene recovery, forensic analyses, and forensic interpretations.

Check out our publications, which outline best practices and methods for forensic science.

Check out our media page to learn more about our services and the cases Dr. Dirkmaat has worked on throughout his career! 

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